Free Fire Vs Pubg

Free Fire Vs Pubg :- As, we all know that both Garena Free fire and Pubg are survival shooting game and are exceptionally great games with amazing features in their own particular manner.Let us know know about both the games in particular and how they are alike and different from each other.

Free Fire Vs Pubg
Free Fire Vs Pubg

So, let us first talk about the similarities these games bear:-

Similarities between Free Fire Vs Pubg

  • Free Fire and Pubg both are a survival shooting game with a duration of 10 minutes or less.
  • Both the game has amazing armors and weapons and has similar concepts of combats.
  • Free Fire Vs Pubg, both of these game has a multiplayer mode and can be played with squads and has ranking system too.
  • The two games have great graphics and animation for the smooth run and efficient play.
  • Pubg and free fire both are played online and requires internet of the buffer-less play.
  • The arenas are also same , as both the game has 4v4 game battle with much more adventure and thrills.
  • The user interface of both game is really amazing with no bugs and lags occurrence.
  • The games have really skillful and similar guns which is very convenient to use for both the Pro as well as the beginners.
  • Both the games are completely free and easy to use ,mobile games and requires very less storage space for playing.
  • Free Fire Vs Pubg, both of these game has multiplayer mode and so it is very fun to play with the squad lead the team towards the victory.

Above were the few similarities and now let us discuss about some of the dissimilarities of both the games:-

Dissimilarities between Free Fire Vs Pubg

Garena Free FirePubg Mobile Lite
1.The game allows only fifty players to play at a time.The game allows one hundred players to the maximum in one match.
2.The game can run in low-ends device too.This game runs on unreal engine and requires a bit high storage than free fire
3Garena Free Fire is more popular as it has more than 500 million downloadsPubg Mobile Lite is also played by many but in comparison to free fire it has only 100 million downloads.
4The rating of Garena Free Fire IS 4.1 stars out of five.The rating of Pubg Mobile Lite is 4.3 stars out of five
5.The size of this game is just 46 mega bytewhere as in this game the size varies with the device as it depends on which device the players play this game.

Above were the few dissimilarities between the two games. Though both the game are of the same genre or type but has their own features ,functions, gameplay and are really fun-loving, interesting, adventurous and thrilling to play. The players decide to choose what the want to play between Free Fire Vs Pubg as both the games have equally popular, though free fire has 500 million downloads and have come long time before in the run but the craze of Pubg in the youth is less in any manner..

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