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Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player

Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player
:-As, we know Garena Free Fire is a a survival shooting game, which itself states that being a shooting game it is must to have gun and when there are varieties of guns then there are always top five ones among the class which means the best ones are those. Garena Free Fire game is all about shooting and gun where the sniper guns act as a great source for the player’s victory besides strategies and hidings.

Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player
Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player

There are enormous and various types of guns available which nearly has no count but out of the all of them , let’s look onto some of the best sniper guns of all time, used for shooting in the game Garena free fire.

As, we know there are so many different types of gun available and to be perfect with the very one, the players needs lot of practices so that they can improve their skills be pro in it.Though there are some of the guns which make you gameplay easier but not all are the same so, let us look for the Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player.

Some of the Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player are:-

  • AWM Sniper-This particular gun or can say sniper is one of the most skillful is and is definitely among Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player as it causes great damage and and has an awesome accuracy too.Gun are really important but to know how to use them is the most important factor which is really essential in order to take kills and this particular gun has it’s skills but is really of great use when skills of the player to use it is greater.No doubt when it comes to rating this gun it is among the best and most toughest gun provided in the game.
  • MP40:- MP40 is a sub machine and short range gun and is very much skillful gun for the pro players, mainly for the rushers as compared to the campers.Though it can be a mid range one too but the damage in short range is much more higher as compare to the mid one.One of the major factor is that ,it recoils from long range ,so there is a greater chance of head shot due to it.
  • Scar:- This gun is usually used for both mid or long range , and as compare to the MP40 the recoil of the gun is not so high and there fore there are less chances of missing a shot too.
  • M1887:-This gun is one of the best one and only use in a short range combats , the biggest benefactor of the gun is that it gives more damage to the enemy as it shoots two bullets in one go , which is more than enough to take a kill. So, many pro player opt for this particular short range gun.

Above were some of the Best Guns in Free Fire for Pro Player .Even though there are so many more skill-based for guns available but it also depends upon the gameplay of the player how they lead themselves to the victory.

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